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GCA President - Tim Smith, appoints new Board Member

The Georgia Cemetery Association wishes to extend our welcome to newest board member Robin Tennant.


Robin, Regional Manager of Matthews Cemetery Products has been appointed as the supplier representative on the board of directors.  Robin has been an active and supportive member of the association for many years.  Robin will be the voice for the suppliers that serve the cemeteries in the state of Georgia as well as assist the association with its goals.




License Procedure - REMINDER

Everyone will remember the immigration law from 2011 that requires everyone to prove their lawful presence in the US  at time of license application or renewal. THE ESTABLISHMENTOWNER MUST PROVIDE THIS PROOF AS WELL, TO RENEW YOUR ESTABLISHMENT LICENSE.  Please remember to send in a Secure and Verifiable Document with your applications and also your license renewals.  You may wish to check the status of your licenses on the SOS website to verify that all are current (check both the status and the expiration dates).   


Georgia law requires that the Board verify lawful presence in the U.S. of any natural person 18 years or older who has applied for a state benefit, such as a license, certificate, or registration. Amendments to O.C.G.A. § 50-36-1 became effective January 1, 2012 that  require all applicants for licensure, and all those applying for renewal of an existing license, to submit secure and verifiable documentation with their application. A list of the approved Secure and Verifiable Documents may be found on the PLB website. If you received your license while residing outside the U.S. and are still living outside the U.S., federal law dictates that your license will be renewed.  See O.C. G.A. §50-36-1. 





State Board of Cemeterians Report 

August 21, 2012


The Georgia State Board of Cemeterians voted today not to increase the current allowable charges for Deed Transfer Fees (currently $81.00) and Memorial Inspection/site location fee (currently $135.00), however, the Board did vote to raise the minimum amount required for Endowment Care from $58.75 to $63.00 based on the last 3 years CPS increases.



Legislative Update
It was a very busy legislative session earlier this year with the passage of HB933. This combined cemetery and funeral bill helped clear up some areas of interpretation and also provided the consumer, cemetery and funeral home professionals with a better law in which to work from.

There were five main points that impact the cemetery operator. They are:

* The cemetery owner will be able to store a memorial with a Bonded Memorial Company that
has an established memorial storage program in place.
* The cemetery owner now can invest the Preneed Merchandise Trust Account by following the laws of the Prudent Man Rule as established by the State of Georgia.
* Trusting on merchandise and services changes. The cemetery owner is required to place 35% of the Retail cost or 120% of the Wholesale cost, whichever is greater, into the Preneed Trust account. The 120% is the change. Also, burial service fees (opening/closing fees) can be trusted at 35% of Retail or 120% of Wholesale cost, whichever is greater
* The cemetery owner can now charge a Documentation, Administration Fee to each contract for burial rights, merchandise services, etc. This should be a reasonable fee charged by the cemetery owner.

* The State is not requiring the cemetery owner to submit a Release Letter to remove funds from the Preneed Merchandise Trust account. The Annual Report that is submitted before April 1 each year will be confirmation for the State. Due to budget restraints and personnel at the State level this was enacted.
Clift Dempsey
Legislative Chairman
Granit Bronz Warehouse Program
For More Information Contact Mike Lanasa at 770-378-9020 



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Contact Todd Rountree at the 800 number above for more information


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